Tea with Artist

Eric van Hove

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We are offering visits to artist’s studios as an add-on to our Street Art tours. You can choose an artist or artisan to visit with before or after your tour. These visits are dependent on the artist’s schedule. We received the request 1 week before.

Eric is a conceptual artist who lives in Marrakech and Belgium. His works are held in museums and private collections. His work has been shown in galleries around the world. He works with a team of the best artisans in Morocco to create Moroccan-specific metal sculptures primarily based on engines. All parts of these engines are hand-crafted. His creations are a team effort. The team is created in a small workshop on the outskirts of Marrakech. Eric’s current passion is the development of a Moroccan-created motor scooter that can be sold in Morocco.

Join us for a fascinating visit with Eric at his workshop. When you order a Marrakech street art day tour, please note in the comments section that you would like to visit Eric van Hove’s workshop.

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Contact one of our Agents today to start planning your custom luxe tour of Morocco.

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