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About Us

ChasingStreetArt provides personalized boutique tours that adhere to the principles of sustainable travel. Currently these tours are offered in Morocco and Tunisia. During a tour, you will see the classical monuments and engage with intriguing street art, events, craftspeople, and artists that make up the contemporary culture. At ChasingStreetArt we are interested in helping you explore these special places often overlooked. We bring you another way to enjoy the place and culture you are visiting.

Our Team

Managing Director

Susan Brink

Susan moved into the travel business in mid-2019.  ChasingStreetArt was founded on the principle that traveling in a new culture is best when the classic monuments are melded with contemporary culture and experiences.  She has traveled throughout the US, Southern Africa, MENA, and Europe.  North Africa with its melding of ancient and contemporary is one of her great travel interests.

Tours Director

Hicham Bouhalba

Born and raised in Ouarzazate, HB has spent over 15 years in the tourism and film business in Morocco. He knows Morocco intimately and enjoys helping our guests plan their Morocco journey and experience the real Morocco. He speaks fluent Arabic, French and English.

Our Approach to Sustainable Travel

We are committed to providing a Sustainable Travel Experience. ChasingStreetArt provides a sustainable travel experience for travelers to Morocco and Tunisia. We take specific actions in three areas:

Economic Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability​

Social and Cultural Sustainability​

Street Art History

Street art is related to graffiti art in that it is created in public locations. However, as opposed to graffiti, it is usually sanctioned by the building or landowners.

Where modern-day graffiti revolves around ‘tagging’ and text-based subject matter, street art is far more open. There are no rules in street art, so anything goes. Common materials and techniques include fly-posting (also known as wheat-pasting), stenciling, stickers, freehand drawing, projecting videos, and lighting installations.

Street artists will often work in studios, hold gallery exhibitions or work in other creative areas. Mural painting and the creation of installations give them another venue in which to work.

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CSA-Morocco provides guests with a complete and authentic cultural experience, including classic monuments, exploring contemporary culture, engaging with art and artisans, tasting unique cuisine, and discovering amazing Morocco cities.





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